K-Flex Clad ALK-FLEX CLAD® products are comprised of flexible, closed-cell elastomeric insulation that is fully-adhered to a protective, easy-to-clean outer covering. Available adhered to standard black insulation and K-FLEX ECO™, K-FLEX CLAD® products are offered in tube and sheet form, and can be used as a protective covering for K-FIT® fittings.

K-FLEX CLAD® AL: Dent resistant with an aluminum appearance for outdoor applications. 

® WT:  White and dent-resistant for indoor (clean room, food prep, wash down) applications. It meets the 25/50 flame spread/smoke development rating when tested to ASTM E 84 standards. K-FLEX CLAD® WT tubing is NSF certified.

K-FLEX CLAD® IN:  Flexible CPE polymeric barrier that provides superior protection in demanding applications, including extreme temperature cycles or exposure to salt water or high acids. 


   • One-piece construction & 3' length for easy handling and reduced labor time & costs
   • Protects against UV, mechanical abuse, impact, chemicals and animals
   • Overlap closure system for a tight seal on tubing (K-FLEX Rivets available for mechanical fastening) 
   • Impermeable jacketing provides 2nd barrier against moisture penetration
   • Pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) option available for sheet applications
   • Factory-adhered to flexible, closed-cell elastomeric insulation for consistently reliable performance
   • Greenguard certified as a low VOC and mold resistant material

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