K-Fit Prefabricated FittingsK-FIT® factory-fabricated fittings are an innovative solution to insulating pipe bends and intersection. The fittings are available in a range of sizes for elbows (90s and 45s), P-Traps and Tees in standard black, white and K-FLEX ECO™ elastomeric products.


  • Quicker installation (no time wasted fabricated fittings on-site)
  • Reduced labor costs
  • Uniformity (standardized and manufactured in a controlled environment free of conditional factors that could alter quality)
  • Great Fit
  • Water-tight seams


    Applying K-Fit Grooved Tee over ClampCOMPATIBLE PRODUCTS
    K-FIT® fittings
    are also offered in grooved versions to insulate couplings, bends and intersections. K-Fit® products are the perfect complement to K-FLEX's INSUL-TUBE®, K-FLEX® LS and K-FLEX ECO™ product lines.

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