Centura Avista Adventist Hospital

 When Centura Avista Adventist Hospital in Louisville, Colorado was planning an expansion to its surgery wing, project architect Cator Ruma & Associates considered the key issues of performance, maintenance and appearance when designing the roof-top duct work required for the expansion.


Traditional duct wrap materials, such as fiberglass duct board jacketed with aluminum or elastomeric insulation with a UV protective coating, would not withstand the harsh weather conditions experienced in the Colorado Rockies, especially considering the need for low maintenance and attractive appearance. Fiberglass duct board can absorb moisture if the aluminum jacket is damaged. Seam failure can be common as the caulking fails, allowing moisture to penetrate into the insulation. This causes the insulation to break down and may create conditions for mold and mildew growth. While elastomeric insulation with a UV protective coating can be a good choice for outdoor applications, such products require periodic maintenance, which the building owner wanted to avoid. 

Considering these factors, Wayne Trader, specifying engineer for Cator, Ruma & Associates, sought other options. Having successfully used K-Flex® Insul-Tube® White elastomeric insulation on previous applications for indoor projects where insulation was visible, Trader researched K-Flex products for this application.


Trader discovered K-Flex Clad® AL, elastomeric insulation with factory-applied, flexible jacketing, and liked the product because it presented a “water-tight solution, low maintenance and excellent appearance.”




K-Flex Clad® AL, available in both tube and sheet form, is closed-cell elastomeric insulation fully-adhered to an abuse-resistant, easy-to-clean, aesthetic multi-ply laminate of aluminum, PVC and UV-resistant film, providing weather resistance, UV protection and mechanical abuse protection. Ideal choice for outdoor, roof-top applications, the aluminum cladding provides a secondary moisture vapor barrier in addition to that inherent to its closed-cell foam core.

K-Flex Clad® AL's smooth surface is tough and impact-resistant, provides an excellent appearance, and greatly reduces any concerns of corrosion under insulation (CUI). It is easy to install and combines long-term performance with low maintenance requirements. 

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