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K-FLEX® HT tube and sheet insulation is an EPDM-based closed cell, flexible elastomeric foam insulation. It is specifically designed for high temperature applications, up to 300°F. K-FLEX HT is used to retard heat gain / loss and prevent condensation or frost formation on pipes and vessels subject to extreme process temperatures and temperature cycling, including solar, low pressure steam and industrial processes, among others. It can be used with heat tracing tapes.

K-FLEX® HT tubes are offered in non-slit, 6' lengths. K-FLEX® HT sheet is offered in 4' wide rolls, up to 1" in thickness.




• Moisture Vapor Resistance

• Range of sizes available for installation convenience

• Temperature range: -297°F to 300°F (-182°C to 150°C)

• Flexible, even at low temperatures

• Safe to handle, non-dusting and non-abrasive

• Acceptable for use in buried applications

• 25/50 Rated to 1" thickness

K-FLEX USA products meet exacting industry standards, national building codes and are third party certified. 

K-FLEX® HT products are inherently mold and mildew resistant as a result of their closed cell properties. As an added level of protection, an EPA-approved antimicrobial agent has been added for maximum protection. 


• Low Pressure Steam

• Solar Thermal

• Other Industrial Processes 



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