K-Flex Introduces Titan

K-Flex USA Takes On Durability with Introduction of K-FLEX Titan™

New patent-pending coated, flexible pipe insulation designed to withstand the outdoor elements 

YOUNGSVILLE, N.C. – August 21, 2017 – K-FLEX USA®, a leading manufacturer of flexible, elastomeric foam insulation, is excited to introduce K-FLEX Titan™, the company’s newest pipe insulation solution for HVAC and refrigeration piping. Encased in a flexible, co-extruded jacketed composite material, K-Flex Titan offers excellent flexibility, abrasion and weather resistance, making it ideal for outdoor applications.

“K-Flex Titan takes durability to a whole new level,” said Giuseppe Guarino, president of K-FLEX USA. “Not only can it withstand the rigors of installation, but it can hold up to years of harsh conditions. The extreme durability and easy of installation of this product makes it the perfect solution for the distributor, installer and consumer.”

K-FLEX Titan performs on a broad range of metal pipes and tubing used on HVAC line sets and flex hoses while K-FLEX Titan HT is ideal for use on heat pumps and solar hot water heating where higher service temperatures are expected. Its proprietary copolymer blend jacket provides excellent protection from weather and mechanical abuse as well as provides exceptional UV resistance, making the insulation well-suited for extreme temperature cycling up to 300°F.

Additionally, K-Flex Titan is an extension of, and complement to, K-FLEX USA’s flexible, closed-cell foam elastomeric insulation products. Like all K-FLEX products, the expanded closed-cell structure and unique formulation inherently resists moisture vapor intrusion. Furthermore, the durable, fiber-free foam resists punctures and won’t crack or flake over time.

K-FLEX Titan is available in .5-inch, .75-inch and 1-inch wall thickness, six-foot length tube form and is made in K-FLEX USA’s ISO 9001 certified manufacturing facility in North Carolina.

For more additional information, including K-FLEX Titan technical specs, visit www.kflextitan.com. To see just how resilient K-FLEX Titan is, watch the K-FLEX durability test.


Headquartered in Youngsville, N.C., K-FLEX USA is a leading manufacturer of elastomeric, closed cell insulation products that are easy-to-use and deliver reliable and lasting performance.  Innovative and responsive to the market, K-Flex USA serves the plumbing, HVAC/R, commercial/industrial, marine, oil and gas, acoustic and OEM markets.

K-FLEX USA is a member of the IK Insulation Group, a world leader in elastomeric foam insulation whose distribution channel reaches 43 countries, including 11 production facilities.  As a result, K-Flex USA has global access to strong fundamental research programs and state-of-the-art levels of technical knowledge and customer support. For more information, visit www.kflexusa.com.

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