K-FLEX CLAD® WT NS Tube is comprised of flexible, closed-cell elastomeric tube insulation (black) fully-adhered in a controlled factory environment to a white-finish, PVC-backed jacketing that protects the insulation against damage from UV rays, mechanical abuse, moisture (second moisture vapor barrier), and chemicals. 

The product is designed for indoor or outdoor applications where piping systems are exposed (visually or to elements) and cleanability, appearance, and durability are important. By eliminating a field-applied longitudinal seam, it provides a superior moisture vapor barrier and more reliable performance.

The dent-resistant jacketing meets the 25/50 flame spread / smoke development standard when tested to ASTM E 84 standards and is certified by NSF International for NSF/ANSI Standard 169, "Special Purpose Food Equipment and Devices". 

The non-slit, slide-on feature saves time closing seams and increases the reliability of the vapor retarder.  K-FLEX CLAD® WT NS is light and easy to handle. The K-FLEX CLAD® WT NS system provides installed cost and time savings over traditional metal jacket, PVC or mastic systems, along with improved performance and less maintenance requirements.

K-FLEX CLAD® WT NS Tube is available in 3' lengths for a range of wall thicknesses (1/2" to 1-1/2") for use indoors or outdoors to insulate piping (-297F to +220F) in a variety of applications:

   • Food Processing Plants
   • Supermarkets
   • Pharmaceutical Plants
   • Film Processing Rooms
   • Electronics Facilities
   • Other clean room applications

For more information, please consult the technical data sheet.

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